Interstellar bestiary: Sondaren


Versk swung his rifle around, cracking heads with the butt of his weapon. Blue blood splashed on the ground. X2413 shrugged and stopped firing his autocannon and began doing the same thing. The robot struck one of the blue mewling lizardmen and it suddenly exploded. The robot let out a startled buzz.

I do not recall the fatespinners mentioning this,” the robot lamented, noting several minor repairs it would need to make.

Versk decided not to worry about conserving ammunition after witnessing the azure explosion.

I think that they enjoy leaving some things out!” the human shouted above the din of the blue enemy.

Sondaren:The sondaren are blueish bipedal lizard people, shorter than the average human and quite unfriendly to outsiders. Sondaren are excellent trackers, having an acute sense of smell as well as being able to see in the dark. Beings of lower technological, sondaren use ancient melee weapons and bows only and use no modern equipment. Any sondaren struck on the head with a critical strike (natural 20 to hit) immediately explodes, causing 2d6 damage to all in a 2 meter radius).

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d6 each (claw or bite) or by weapon, ST 18+, MV 6, SPC Acute Senses (smell), Berserker, Dark Vision, Weakness (crushing blows to the head) XP 105.


Interstellar Bestiary: Habessian Spider

Habessian Spider

The robot X2413 was deep in conversation with a strange hovering creature when Versk caught up with him. The spider-like alien almost seemed to jump when it saw the human and stared at him intently. The creature uttered a shrill cry and floated off, the robot slumped forward a little.

Hey thanks, meatbag,” X2413 said to Versk.

What did I do?” the mercenary replied.

I don’t know, but whatever it was, you excited that Habessian Spider enough to scuttle off before I could get any information out of it, maybe it is reporting you to someone,” the robot said flatly.

Suggestions,” inquired Versk.

I suggest that we leave the area as soon as possible. I do not know what is interested in you, but by the way that thing left in a hurry, there is a lot of money at stake,” X2413 answered.

Habessian Spider:While not technically spiders, Habessian Spiders look arachnid-like enough. A dark body with evenly spaced spaced eyes glare out eerily all around the alien creature as it hovers just above the ground, long legs dangling. Habessian Spiders are somewhat intelligent and have superb memories, this makes them superb information brokers and many a Habessian Spider has become wealthy by scouting or spying for industries and governments. In combat these strange monsters grasp a victim with their eight long dangling legs and hold them will biting and clawing.

AC 16, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6 each (claw or bite), ST 17+, MV 8, SPC Acute Senses (sight), Dark Vision, Hold Attack, Optional Movement (hover), Regeneration (1d3) XP 105.

Gear: Mammoth Transport Tank

Mammoth Transport Tank (85,000 CR): Usually only available to limited military orders, Mammoth Transport Tanks are armored personnel carriers that can carry ten infantrymen or five heavily armored warriors. Two heavy laser cannons (3d6 damage) and two laser turrets (1d6 damage) provide cover for those embarking or disembarking from this craft. [AC 17, 6d6 HD to disable, travels up to 50 Km per hour on most solid surfaces and has an energy cell powered engine]

Interstellar Bestiary: Space Amoeba

Space Amoeba

What is that?!” X2413 exclaimed as the adventurers all caught a glimpse of a titanic monster off in the distance.

Coming closer,” Marg the nargu said.

That is, I believe, our cue to leave, look at the size of that thing!” Versk said.

They all watched as the tentacled thing knocked a small fighter craft from the sky. As the ship crashed the beast lunged at it, looking for food.

Normally I don’t see a lot of wisdom in what humans say,” X2413 said. “But this time I will make an exception. Let’s go!”

The drun and the nargu needed little prompting to get the rover ready to head out in the other direction.

Space Amoeba:These strange titans resemble gigantic octopuses with extremely tough skin. These beasts crawl about, eating everything in range and terrorizing the area. Space amoebas often land on planets after the asteroid that they were sleeping in crashed although these giants have been known to lay dormant under the surface of a planet for eons before surfacing for unknown reasons. Big and stupid, anyone bringing down one of these beasts is sure to be labeled a hero, almost most who encounter these creatures end up as a meal.

AC 17, HD 10d6, THB +10 , ATT 2d6 tentacles, ST 9+, MV 10 SPC Berserker, Cause Fear, Hold Attack, Regeneration (1d6+4), Stupidity, Swallow, XP 5,600.

Interstellar Bestiary: Void Wasp

Void Wasps

The mercenary Versk gasped as the giant insect crawled across the side window of the small spacecraft and looked in.

What is it?” X2413 idly asked as he cleaned his autocannon.

B-b-b-big bu-bu-bug!” stammered the human.

X2413 buzzed happily and looked at the drun and the nargu.

Humans are so easily excitable” mused the robot. “Open the hatch, I’ll go and deal with this!”

Void Wasps:These 2 meter long giant insects are the bane of many a space traveler. Void Wasps Are capable of interstellar flight and have been known to attack small spaceships. These unintelligent creatures look vaguely like a hoary gigantic wasp with filigrees on their legs and antennae. Void Wasps are bleach white to light blue in color. In combat Void Wasps fight to the death and can deal a paralyzing sting in addition to their wicked bite and tend to travel in groups of up to ten.

AC 15, HD 4d6, THB +3 , ATT 2d6 bite or sting, ST 16+, MV 12 (Flying) or 3 (Crawling), SPC Berserker, Optional Movement (Fly), Paralyzing Chemical, Sting, XP 360.

Optional race and critter: Nargu


Versk was arguing with a green, hulking brute. X2413 approached.

Problems?” the robot asked, raising his autocannon at the simian thug.

No!” Versk replied, calming the situation down. “I have asked Bruk here to help us fix up that old rover so that we can get out of here at over to the next city.”

X2413 lowered his weapon with a melancholy buzz.

Nargu:These brutish humanoids are of unknown origin, bursting onto the scene hundreds of years ago and not relenting ever since. Thuggish and mean, nargu make excellent Scouts , Soldiers and Technicians as these creatures have an uncanny knack for cobbling together junk into working (if crude) weapons and transport. Masses of nargu pirates storm civilized worlds from time to time on scavenging raids and these creatures do not have the best or reputations in polite society. Ranging in color from black to emerald green and hairless with simian qualities (overly long arms and gorilla-like faces that sport boar-like tusks) the nargu are a fearsome sight on the battlefield and are often hired as mercenaries or shock troops.

Agility: 3d6-1, Intelligence 2d6*, Physique 3d6+2 (18 max), Presence 2d6.

AC 14, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6+1 fists or by weapon, ST 17+, MV 6, SPC Berserker, Dark Vision, XP 60.

*Roll 1d6 at character creation. A “1” means that the nargu is a psychic with 3d6 Intelligence.

Optional races: Drun


The tiny creature pleaded to journey with the two adventurers. It was small and looked like a nervous bipedal slug.

What do you think?” Versk asked his robot companion, X2413.

Why not?” replied the robot. “If things get tough I suppose you can eat it.”

Versk looked at the little drun and shrugged.

True, I suppose,” he agreed.

The drun shivered, both with excitement and dread.

Drun:This strange sentient race was discovered several decades ago by interstellar merchants and brought back as a novelty. Since then these poor creatures have been enslaved, kept as pets, forced to fight each other and animals in arenas and, in some cases, be used as food. Drun stand just from 60 cm to one meter in height and weigh about 11kg. Not particularly valiant, drun are great with technology (+1 on Scientist and Technician rolls) and tend towards careers that capitalize on these abilities. Physically drun look like short creatures with spindly arms and legs and nervous eyes upon eye stalks (somewhat like small bipedal slugs) whose coloration varies from scarlet red to midnight blue. Two slits pass for a nose with a toothy mouth below.

Agility: 3d6, Intelligence 3d6+2 (18 max), Physique 2d6, Presence 2d6.

AC 12, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d3 fists or 1d6 (small) laser pistol, ST 18+, MV 7, SPC Tech oriented (+1 on all rolls regarding technology), XP 22.