Interstellar Bestiary: Mind Spiders

Mind Spider

The ancient robot mercenary X2413 (commonly known as the Old Cog) happened upon sometime companion Versk as the latter struggled in a strange dark organic web and mumbled about spiders.

Having problems?” Old Cog asked the human.

Versk screamed loudly, even as the robot released a long blade from a wrist port and began cutting the strange webs, freeing Versk.

Hours passed and finally the human came to his senses.

Are you okay now?” the robot inquired.

I think so,” Versk replied. “You don’t have eight legs anymore, that is an improvement.”

Mind Spider:Creepy huge alien arachnids, mind spiders use their psychic abilities to implant horrible spider inspired hallucinations into the minds of their victims. Highly intelligent and fiendishly clever, mind spiders live on the outskirts of civilization, luring victims into their physical and mental webs to feed off of and dominate the local population. Some feral/primitive cultures worship these creatures and offer sacrifices in exchange for protection. Mind Spiders cause spider themed hallucinations (up to 18 meters away) on select targets, the victim sees spiders and humanoids (even friends and family) with arachnid qualities-stunned for 1d4+2 rounds and persistent nightmares for one week that make the victim -1 on all mental saving throws, these monsters also weave a strong web that requires 6 hit points of damage to break or a successful Physique roll (at -2) to escape from.

AC 12, HD 5d6, THB +3 (+5 psychic attack), ATT 2d6 bite, ST 14+, MV 6, SPC Hallucinations and strong web, XP 240.


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