Interstellar Bestiary: Necronauts


They came silently, hungrily. Explorers who had gone too far into space and came back as the living dead, hating life. They raised their laser pistols and fired in unison. A handful of guards fell.

Versk appeared suddenly, firing two laser guns while the robot X2413 lowered his autocannon and opened up on the undead. Cases flew through the air as the metallic laughter of the insane robot filled the air. On an unheard command the skeletal astronauts retreated.

They’ll be back in time,” Versk said.

I’d better reload,” replied the robot.

Necronaut:Astro-philosophers postulate that the hateful beings known as necronauts are the result of living creatures passing too near the star Onkri IV and suffering the effects of the sentient star’s strange radiation. Necronauts are undead creatures that have been reduced to skeletons, often still wearing their space exploration uniforms. As undead necronauts do not eat, drink, sleep or breath and they seem to exist only to slay the living. These creatures can be encountered in numbers from 1-20 (1d20) and are sometimes lead by a 4d6 HD champion with better weapons and armor.

AC 13, HD 2d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d6 fists or 2d6 laser pistol, ST 17+, MV 6, SPC Undead, XP 30.


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