Personal Flight Gear: Jet Pack and Propulsor

Jet Pack: Jet Packs fit on most sizes of armor and allow the wearer to fly at speeds up to 240 km per hour. These are reliable modes of transportation and have hydrogen batteries that allow up to four hours of constant flight before needing to be recharged. Special military tactical teams and planetary explorers commonly use these jet packs as a means of transportation. Fifteen hit points of damage will disable this device. Can lift up to 160 kg.(1000cr, AC +1).

Propulsor: These flight devices are often made by amateurs and novices but are somewhat dependable modes of transportation, being able to hover and/or fly up to 60′ off of the ground and fly up to 100 km per hour. A propulsor consists of two horizontal propeller blades in a housing mounted on a motor and battery pack that is easily controlled with one hand by the wearer. This gear weighs 34 kg and is a bit cumbersome. An advanced chemical battery allows two hours of continuous operation. Every half hour the referee should roll 1d6, as result of “1” means that some mechanical malfunction has occurred and the pilot of the device has two rounds to safely get to the ground before the propulsor stops functioning. Ten hit points of damage will disable a propulsor. This device can lift up to 114 kg. (600cr, AC +1).


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