Interstellar Bestiary: Brinthis


Versk stopped by the apartment he shared with the robot mercenary X2413 only to find the robot apparently deep in conversation with three floating creatures that looked like airborne jellyfish.

Am I interrupting anything?” he asked the quartet.

The next time we travel to the third moon of Jarn they would like to join us,” replied X2413.

Versk shrugged indifferently although he was squirming on the inside.

Sure, the more the merrier!” he said, trying to sound convincing.

Brinthis:Strange jellyfish like creatures that float lazily through the air, the brinthis are an intelligent and often misunderstood species. The brinthis were first discovered nearly three decades ago at the Tomb of Dorbi Gurr, their presence in the spacious resting place of the heroic figure causing quite a stir (the brinthis were allegedly on a fact finding mission of their own) and a small skirmish became a war against the odd invertebrates. Like most jellyfish the brinthis have dozens of long (up to 3 meters) stinging tentacles that they can use to attack for 2d6 stinging damage to exposed flesh or a successful grapple on a result of 2-4 on a roll of 1d6 (it takes a successful Physique roll to escape a “brinthis hug” as it is known).

AC 12, HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 2d6 stinging tentacles, ST 16+, MV 5, SPC Grapple, XP 60.


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