Gear: Webber gun

Webber Gun: Often used by security forces to stop fleeing criminals (or by x-plorers to capture strange aliens), webber guns shoot a weighted steel net that will surround one human-sized target that fails an agility save at -1. Unable to run, the target will then fall to the ground, incapacitated, the metal web will need 6 hit points of damage to free the victim. Some webber guns are modified to deliver a slight jarring jolt (1d6-2 damage-minimum 1). Range is 20 m.(75cr).


2 comments on “Gear: Webber gun

  1. Brutorz Bill says:

    Very nice! Is this adapted from 40K or somewhere else?
    I like it!

    • bat says:

      I think it was in Total Recall or the Running Man, one of those, I have a fuzzy memory in my head. Thanks for the comment!

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