Personal gear: Chameleon Cloak

Chameleon Cloak: A personal hooded cloak that blends in with the surroundings, favored by assassins and others who use stealth in their professions, outlawed in many areas, with various penalties for being caught with a Chameleon Cloak in one’s possession. The technology used to create a Chameleon Cloak bends light way from the wearer, making them look as if they are not there. An Intelligence check at -2 is required to notice someone wearing one of these obfuscating devices is moving (although note that this device does not muffle sound or mask scents).(100cr)


2 comments on “Personal gear: Chameleon Cloak

  1. Brutorz Bill says:

    I like it, although my unasked for 2 cents would make it a -2 to detect a moving cloaked person and maybe a -4 for a motionless cloaked person. Just a thought… : )

  2. bat says:

    Good idea! Added in, thanks a million, sir!

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