Interstellar bestiary: Scryn


Versk stood with his mouth wide open as the robot approached the human at the window.

What is it?” asked X2413 turning his head. Visual sensors clicked in amazement.

I don’t know,” the human replied. “But we need to bring it down!”

A titanic reptile stalked the streets, hungrily pouncing on anyone nearby.

X2413 grabbed his autocannon.

Let’s go, meatbag,” the robot said.

Easy for you to say,” commented Versk. “I doubt it eats robots.”

Scryn:These monsters are gigantic, semi-intelligent bipedal reptiles towering nearly 5 meters tall. Scryn are sometimes released as shock troops or to cause diversions. Scryn are curious omnivores that will happily eat most anything that comes their way. These monsters do not use weapons or technology but do understand that others use them and sometimes attack opponents with the biggest weapons first. These creatures often fight to the death (Berseker SPC) and can swallow a human sized victim whole on natural 20 attack roll.

AC 14, HD 10d6, THB +10 , ATT 2d6 claws or stomp-1d6 bite (can Swallow), ST 11+, MV 8, SPC Berserker, Swallow, XP 2800.


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