Interstellar Bestiary: Star ooze

Star Ooze

X2413 looked at Versk. The human looked back.

We cannot outrun these things,” the robot said, indicating a half a dozen creatures that looked like creeping liquid plastic.

What do you suggest?” Versk asked.

The robot flipped the safety mechanism off of his autocannon.

Versk smiled as he drew his two laser pistols.

We aren’t the most diplomatic of fellows,” he said with a smile.

The robot buzzed happily as it pulled the trigger.

Star Ooze:These strange aliens seem to be a form of living plastic, semi-sentient and malicious. Star Oozes do not use technology and like to travel by hitching rides on interstellar vehicles. When first encountered a star ooze will usually lie still, waiting for the best time to attack. Even without apparent sensory organs these creatures have no penalty to strike, creating two tentacle-like appendages to lash out at its victims and when attacked these monsters can slowly pull themselves together, regenerating. Star oozes can cling to any surface at will, sometimes dropping on a foe as a surprise attack and the very sight of these monsters causes horror in many. There are rumors of a planet that holds untold treasures out there in the cosmos, a planet dominated by Star ooze as its major life form.

AC 15, HD 4d6, THB +4 , ATT (2) 1d6 each, ST 15+, MV 4, SPC Cause Fear, Cling, Regeneration (1d3), Surprise Attack XP 360.


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