Optional races: Drun


The tiny creature pleaded to journey with the two adventurers. It was small and looked like a nervous bipedal slug.

What do you think?” Versk asked his robot companion, X2413.

Why not?” replied the robot. “If things get tough I suppose you can eat it.”

Versk looked at the little drun and shrugged.

True, I suppose,” he agreed.

The drun shivered, both with excitement and dread.

Drun:This strange sentient race was discovered several decades ago by interstellar merchants and brought back as a novelty. Since then these poor creatures have been enslaved, kept as pets, forced to fight each other and animals in arenas and, in some cases, be used as food. Drun stand just from 60 cm to one meter in height and weigh about 11kg. Not particularly valiant, drun are great with technology (+1 on Scientist and Technician rolls) and tend towards careers that capitalize on these abilities. Physically drun look like short creatures with spindly arms and legs and nervous eyes upon eye stalks (somewhat like small bipedal slugs) whose coloration varies from scarlet red to midnight blue. Two slits pass for a nose with a toothy mouth below.

Agility: 3d6, Intelligence 3d6+2 (18 max), Physique 2d6, Presence 2d6.

AC 12, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d3 fists or 1d6 (small) laser pistol, ST 18+, MV 7, SPC Tech oriented (+1 on all rolls regarding technology), XP 22.


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