Optional race and critter: Nargu


Versk was arguing with a green, hulking brute. X2413 approached.

Problems?” the robot asked, raising his autocannon at the simian thug.

No!” Versk replied, calming the situation down. “I have asked Bruk here to help us fix up that old rover so that we can get out of here at over to the next city.”

X2413 lowered his weapon with a melancholy buzz.

Nargu:These brutish humanoids are of unknown origin, bursting onto the scene hundreds of years ago and not relenting ever since. Thuggish and mean, nargu make excellent Scouts , Soldiers and Technicians as these creatures have an uncanny knack for cobbling together junk into working (if crude) weapons and transport. Masses of nargu pirates storm civilized worlds from time to time on scavenging raids and these creatures do not have the best or reputations in polite society. Ranging in color from black to emerald green and hairless with simian qualities (overly long arms and gorilla-like faces that sport boar-like tusks) the nargu are a fearsome sight on the battlefield and are often hired as mercenaries or shock troops.

Agility: 3d6-1, Intelligence 2d6*, Physique 3d6+2 (18 max), Presence 2d6.

AC 14, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6+1 fists or by weapon, ST 17+, MV 6, SPC Berserker, Dark Vision, XP 60.

*Roll 1d6 at character creation. A “1” means that the nargu is a psychic with 3d6 Intelligence.


2 comments on “Optional race and critter: Nargu

  1. Brutorz Bill says:

    You know I gotta give a happy nod to any kind of Space Simian! : )

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