Interstellar Bestiary: Void Wasp

Void Wasps

The mercenary Versk gasped as the giant insect crawled across the side window of the small spacecraft and looked in.

What is it?” X2413 idly asked as he cleaned his autocannon.

B-b-b-big bu-bu-bug!” stammered the human.

X2413 buzzed happily and looked at the drun and the nargu.

Humans are so easily excitable” mused the robot. “Open the hatch, I’ll go and deal with this!”

Void Wasps:These 2 meter long giant insects are the bane of many a space traveler. Void Wasps Are capable of interstellar flight and have been known to attack small spaceships. These unintelligent creatures look vaguely like a hoary gigantic wasp with filigrees on their legs and antennae. Void Wasps are bleach white to light blue in color. In combat Void Wasps fight to the death and can deal a paralyzing sting in addition to their wicked bite and tend to travel in groups of up to ten.

AC 15, HD 4d6, THB +3 , ATT 2d6 bite or sting, ST 16+, MV 12 (Flying) or 3 (Crawling), SPC Berserker, Optional Movement (Fly), Paralyzing Chemical, Sting, XP 360.


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