Interstellar Bestiary: Space Amoeba

Space Amoeba

What is that?!” X2413 exclaimed as the adventurers all caught a glimpse of a titanic monster off in the distance.

Coming closer,” Marg the nargu said.

That is, I believe, our cue to leave, look at the size of that thing!” Versk said.

They all watched as the tentacled thing knocked a small fighter craft from the sky. As the ship crashed the beast lunged at it, looking for food.

Normally I don’t see a lot of wisdom in what humans say,” X2413 said. “But this time I will make an exception. Let’s go!”

The drun and the nargu needed little prompting to get the rover ready to head out in the other direction.

Space Amoeba:These strange titans resemble gigantic octopuses with extremely tough skin. These beasts crawl about, eating everything in range and terrorizing the area. Space amoebas often land on planets after the asteroid that they were sleeping in crashed although these giants have been known to lay dormant under the surface of a planet for eons before surfacing for unknown reasons. Big and stupid, anyone bringing down one of these beasts is sure to be labeled a hero, almost most who encounter these creatures end up as a meal.

AC 17, HD 10d6, THB +10 , ATT 2d6 tentacles, ST 9+, MV 10 SPC Berserker, Cause Fear, Hold Attack, Regeneration (1d6+4), Stupidity, Swallow, XP 5,600.


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