Interstellar Bestiary: Habessian Spider

Habessian Spider

The robot X2413 was deep in conversation with a strange hovering creature when Versk caught up with him. The spider-like alien almost seemed to jump when it saw the human and stared at him intently. The creature uttered a shrill cry and floated off, the robot slumped forward a little.

Hey thanks, meatbag,” X2413 said to Versk.

What did I do?” the mercenary replied.

I don’t know, but whatever it was, you excited that Habessian Spider enough to scuttle off before I could get any information out of it, maybe it is reporting you to someone,” the robot said flatly.

Suggestions,” inquired Versk.

I suggest that we leave the area as soon as possible. I do not know what is interested in you, but by the way that thing left in a hurry, there is a lot of money at stake,” X2413 answered.

Habessian Spider:While not technically spiders, Habessian Spiders look arachnid-like enough. A dark body with evenly spaced spaced eyes glare out eerily all around the alien creature as it hovers just above the ground, long legs dangling. Habessian Spiders are somewhat intelligent and have superb memories, this makes them superb information brokers and many a Habessian Spider has become wealthy by scouting or spying for industries and governments. In combat these strange monsters grasp a victim with their eight long dangling legs and hold them will biting and clawing.

AC 16, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6 each (claw or bite), ST 17+, MV 8, SPC Acute Senses (sight), Dark Vision, Hold Attack, Optional Movement (hover), Regeneration (1d3) XP 105.


2 comments on “Interstellar Bestiary: Habessian Spider

  1. Brutorz Bill says:

    Wow you are on a roll!!

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