Interstellar Bestiary: Grorb


What did the tracker say about finding Xarek?” Versk asked. “Any suggestions?”

He gave me the commlink number of a grorb dealer,” replied the robot.

What’s a grorb?” the human inquired.

According to my database, a grorb is a strange creature of dubious intelligence, but good at tracking,” X2413 said.

So, it’s a pet that we will need to feed,” Versk lamented.

Maybe you two can share meals,” suggested the robot.

Grorb:These creatures are semi-intelligent bipeds with long arms that allow them to travel as an ape or monkey as well as running on their two legs. The Grorb has dark blue, rubbery skin and large pale eyes making it an eerie sight. Roughly a meter and a half tall these strange creatures are often used to track targets with their dark vision and acute sense of smell. Unscrupulous merchants and outright slave traders sell these poor creatures for up to 2000 credits in some areas.

AC 15, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6 (claw or bite), ST 17+, MV 7, SPC Acute Senses (Smell), Cling, Dark Vision, Weakness (bright light- -2 to hit, 1 point of damage per turn) XP 55.


Interstellar Bestiary: Dolmni


What do you think about the giant crabs?” Versk asked X2413. “Sure, they are scary looking, but that could be handy as we skirt along the coastline.”

The titanic crab seemed to eye the human hungrily as the two mercenaries considered mounts with a drun dealer.

I am not sure about this. I have heard alarming stories about these things, perhaps we can rent a hover car instead,” the robot replied.

Where is your sense of adventure?” Versk asked.

Where is your sense of sight? Can’t you see that thing looking at you like its next meal?” the X2413 replied.

Dolmni:The Domni are giant creatures that resemble earthly crabs, complete with vicious pincers. However these monsters are quite intelligent and devious. The size of these titans alone is enough to cause fear in many, but they are really sneaky when they play dumb and allow themselves to be ridden as beasts of burden. This is done either to surprise the rider (in the case of riders being potential food) or to surprise other enemies who figure the dolmni are stupid animals. Their deadly pincers can deal impressive damage or they can use them for a hold attack as well. These monsters also have the natural psionic ability of controlling all non-intelligent crustaceans withing 30 meters of themselves.

AC 16, HD 4d6, THB +4 , ATT (2) 2d6 each, ST 15+, MV 8, SPC Cause Fear, Hold Attack, Psionics (control all non-sentient crustaceans within 30 meters), Optional Movement (with six legs and two huge claws these creatures are not hindered by adverse terrain), Weakness (must be in water once every 24 hours) XP 340.

Gear: Tracking pip

Tracking pip: A tracking pip is quite simply a tiny device, roughly the size of a small watch battery that can be easily attached to any magnetic surface and can also be dropped into a satchel or pocket. Virtually invisible or easily overlooked (bearers of a tracking pip have a 1 in 6 chance of noticing the thing), a tracking pip has a range of 2400 kilometers.(200 credits for four tracking pips and a handheld monitor that displays the location of the pips.)

Gear: Anti-grav lifter

Anti-grav lifter: An anti-grav lifter is a device that allows the user to create a field that repulses gravity around a particular person or item. These come in different sizes, varying from a unit that can lift as little as 25 kilograms to as much as 1800 kilograms. While the height from the ground can be adjusted, the default is one meter. Commonly used by laborers, scientists and technicians. This is the basic drive behind anti-grav vehicles and robots. (price varies, add more for a propulsion mechanism)

Interstellar Bestiary: Snakemen


Something isn’t right here,” said X2413.

What do you mean?” asked Versk.

There are clearly three distinct races over there by the turnstile. Do you notice anything strange about that?” answered the robot.

They are all speaking the same language!” replied the mercenary.

That and they are all carrying archaic weapons. Now that is rather odd!” X2413 added.

What do you suggest?” inquired Versk.

The robot inspected his autocannon.

Asking questions later,” the robot said.

Snakemen:Older than most other races, the snakemen are an ancient evil that resurfaces from time to time to vex and harass whoever they can, subverting society and causing maximum chaos. Snakemen resemble 2 meter tall bipedal snakes in their natural form, although they most often wear the appearance of other races using a form of psionics that hides their true identities, this effect also somehow works on artificial intelligences. Maybe due to some sort of strange pride snakemen do not use energy weapons or projectile guns, they use melee weapons or bows only, which sometimes gives these creatures away to those who know this fact.

AC 13, HD 2d6, THB +12 , ATT 1d6 fists, poisonous bite or weapon (see above), ST 17+, MV 9, SPC Dark Vision, Poisonous Bite (level 2 poison), Psionics (Appear as other race-Level 5 Telepathy: 18+ to see through this psionic disguise), Regeneration (1d3) XP 90.

Gear: Staff of the Elders

Staff of the Elders: These are ancient pieces of arcane technology created by a race long dead. Looking like a metal rod or staff two meters in length a Staff of the Elders is intricately carved and hard to dismiss as anything but a relic of some power. Usable twice per day, the strange powers of the this weird item allow the wielder to increase the hit points of his or her companions by 1d6 for one turn and grant them a +1 to strike for the same amount of time. Can be used in combat, dealing 2d6 points of damage.(Considered priceless)

Gear: Cloak of Dorvik IV

Cloak of Dorvik IV: Made from the hide of the vicious marklin from the planet Dorvik IV, the Cloak of Dorvik IV protects the wearer from energy weapons (treat as Immunity: Lasers and Energy Weapons). Melee weapons and projectiles still do full damage (no bonus to AC with regard to these weapons). The downside to this protective cloak is that it smells awful, making all tracking attempts of the wearer +1.(700 CR)