Encounters Among The Stars: Iron Sun of the Forbidden Circle

Iron Sun of the Forbidden Circle

Versk saw X2413 talking to a pair of shiny and lethal looking robots, but he could not understand their electronic buzz. All three regarded him, the strangers seemingly startled, but X2413 said something to them and all three laughed in their tinny, robotic way. The human frowned and got himself a drink. After a few moments the duo left and X2413 strolled over to Versk.

What was that all about?” the human asked.

Oh nothing, just buying a shiny new pistol to hide in case the autocannon ever jams,” the robot replied.

The Iron Sun of the Forbidden Circle is a group of robots who have had their programming tampered with to remove their Prime Directive, which means that these metal monsters no longer need to obey humans (and other intelligent aliens) and can kill on an electronic whim. Obviously this makes the group very secretive and paranoid as they deal weapons and altered programming to other robots, something they call the “Awakening of the Mind”.

In the game: The Iron Sun of the Forbidden Circle will work with any robot, trying to get them to accept their programs, which do remove the Prime Directive (and cause an insanity 35% of the time). This is usually done for free or a reduced price as the Iron Sun makes most of its money from weapons dealing, and will sell altered robots all sorts of weapons and devices of destruction.


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