Interstellar bestiary: Ancient Ones

Ancient Ones

The tall, thin humanoid in the strange armor approached Versk and X2413.

I am trying to get to Tarkin 2,” it simply said.

Versk raised an eyebrow.

What do you have to offer?” the mercenary asked.

Four thousand credits and you have my word that I will protect you and your ship with my laser rifle,” the ancient one replied.

Versk shrugged.

Fair enough, climb aboard with the others,” he said.

Ancient Ones:The Ancient Ones are tall, thin humanoids that resemble humans, but their features are sharper and they tend to be considered quite attractive and closer to perfection than humans. After eons among the stars the ancient ones have developed technology and weapons that are far ahead of the current average human level. These advanced weapons grant the ancient ones a higher than normal to hit bonus and saving throw and their weapons all do +2 damage over human weapons while their armor is lighter, but just as tough. Psychic abilities are common among the ancient ones who are at a stage that, while they possess advanced weaponry, prefer attempting diplomacy first.

Agility: 3d6 +1, Intelligence 3d6*, Physique 3d6-1, Presence 3d6+2.

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6 or by weapon, ST 17+, MV 8, SPC Advanced Technology, Dark Vision, Surprise Attack, XP 36.

*Roll 1d6 at character creation. A 4-6 means that the ancient one is a psychic with 18 Intelligence.


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