Interstellar Bestiary: Graxon


Versk wiped the sweat from his brow. The jungle heat was beginning to get to him.

We are nearing the place on the map where the temple is located,” X2413 said.

The drun and the nargu were both getting tired, but the Ancient One was holding his own. Suddenly a small group of lizardmen burst from the jungle, bearing primitive weapons.

Great!” Versk said sarcastically. “Just what we need.”

The vines and leaves parted and a floating disk appeared with a bloated toad-like thing sitting atop it.

Mind telling me what you are doing in my land before I wring it from your minds?” the creature asked calmly.

Graxon:These monsters are usually found in the tropical jungles of planets that can sustain life. Sometime in the distant passed these creatures were domesticated and used as semi-intelligent pets, but the graxon suddenly gained great knowledge and overthrew their masters. Now these large, toad-like beings lord of lesser beings in their strange realms, rarely traveling through space, but sometimes dealing with explorers. Not extremely fast, the graxon usually have their reptilian servants do their fighting. Some of these creatures have been known to possess very potent psychic powers.

AC 15 HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 2d6 (claw), ST 17+, MV 4, SPC Dark Vision, Hold Attack, Regeneration (1d6), Psychic Powers (treat as Presence 16 with four powers of referees choice) XP 90.


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