Interstellar Bestiary: Blintis


Get that those creatures off of my ship!” Versk roared at the space port attendants. “I don’t pay you to let those things chew on my spaceship!”

Actually, according to our records, you haven’t paid us yet,” one of the men replied.

X2413 raised his autocannon, the attendants fled. Short bursts brought the strange snarling aliens down, although a handful flew away or slunk off into the darkness.

Wasn’t that overkill?” Versk asked the robot.

They eat robots too,” X2413 replied coldly.

Blintis:The blintis are short creatures, just under one meter in height, that resemble horrid leathery bipeds with clawed hands, sharp teeth, red eyes, big ears, mottled gray skin and bat-like wings. Blintis love to damage mechanical devices and often harass robots and cause vehicles to crash. Immune to electrical damage, the blintis are uncompromising pests that have a language of growls and hisses all their own that nobody has bothered to translate.

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT (1) 1d3 (claw or bite), ST 17+, MV 8 (Fly 15), SPC Acute Senses (Smell), Berserker, Dark Vision, Immunity (electricity), Optional Movement (Fly), Phobia (Bright Light), XP 30.


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