Interstellar Bestiary: Solar Siren

Solar Siren

She’s beautiful!” murmured Versk.

So very beautiful,” echoed the Ancient One mercenary.

The nargu was surprised that humans and Ancient ones found his kind attractive.

X2413 released the safety on his autocannon and opened fire on the horrid monstrosity.

Idiots!” the robot said with an irritated voice. “I will see that your eyes or heads are examined as soon as we return to civilization!”

Solar Siren:Strangely beautiful creatures of unknown origin, solar sirens appear as hauntingly attractive females of whichever race the viewer is (their natural form is actually quite hideous and disturbing). These treacherous monsters can charm all who see them and hear their mournful song. This ability works like the Paralyzing Chemical special ability, causing all who fail a save to be enthralled with the solar siren. At the first opportunity the creature will lure hapless adventurers to a safe place to devour its prey. Robots are immune to this effect.

AC 14, HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 1d6 fists or melee weapon, ST 16+, MV 8, SPC Charm, Dark Vision, Immunity (lasers), Regeneration (1d3) XP 180.


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