Interstellar Bestiary: Snakemen


Something isn’t right here,” said X2413.

What do you mean?” asked Versk.

There are clearly three distinct races over there by the turnstile. Do you notice anything strange about that?” answered the robot.

They are all speaking the same language!” replied the mercenary.

That and they are all carrying archaic weapons. Now that is rather odd!” X2413 added.

What do you suggest?” inquired Versk.

The robot inspected his autocannon.

Asking questions later,” the robot said.

Snakemen:Older than most other races, the snakemen are an ancient evil that resurfaces from time to time to vex and harass whoever they can, subverting society and causing maximum chaos. Snakemen resemble 2 meter tall bipedal snakes in their natural form, although they most often wear the appearance of other races using a form of psionics that hides their true identities, this effect also somehow works on artificial intelligences. Maybe due to some sort of strange pride snakemen do not use energy weapons or projectile guns, they use melee weapons or bows only, which sometimes gives these creatures away to those who know this fact.

AC 13, HD 2d6, THB +12 , ATT 1d6 fists, poisonous bite or weapon (see above), ST 17+, MV 9, SPC Dark Vision, Poisonous Bite (level 2 poison), Psionics (Appear as other race-Level 5 Telepathy: 18+ to see through this psionic disguise), Regeneration (1d3) XP 90.


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