Interstellar Bestiary: Dolmni


What do you think about the giant crabs?” Versk asked X2413. “Sure, they are scary looking, but that could be handy as we skirt along the coastline.”

The titanic crab seemed to eye the human hungrily as the two mercenaries considered mounts with a drun dealer.

I am not sure about this. I have heard alarming stories about these things, perhaps we can rent a hover car instead,” the robot replied.

Where is your sense of adventure?” Versk asked.

Where is your sense of sight? Can’t you see that thing looking at you like its next meal?” the X2413 replied.

Dolmni:The Domni are giant creatures that resemble earthly crabs, complete with vicious pincers. However these monsters are quite intelligent and devious. The size of these titans alone is enough to cause fear in many, but they are really sneaky when they play dumb and allow themselves to be ridden as beasts of burden. This is done either to surprise the rider (in the case of riders being potential food) or to surprise other enemies who figure the dolmni are stupid animals. Their deadly pincers can deal impressive damage or they can use them for a hold attack as well. These monsters also have the natural psionic ability of controlling all non-intelligent crustaceans withing 30 meters of themselves.

AC 16, HD 4d6, THB +4 , ATT (2) 2d6 each, ST 15+, MV 8, SPC Cause Fear, Hold Attack, Psionics (control all non-sentient crustaceans within 30 meters), Optional Movement (with six legs and two huge claws these creatures are not hindered by adverse terrain), Weakness (must be in water once every 24 hours) XP 340.


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