Interstellar Bestiary: Grorb


What did the tracker say about finding Xarek?” Versk asked. “Any suggestions?”

He gave me the commlink number of a grorb dealer,” replied the robot.

What’s a grorb?” the human inquired.

According to my database, a grorb is a strange creature of dubious intelligence, but good at tracking,” X2413 said.

So, it’s a pet that we will need to feed,” Versk lamented.

Maybe you two can share meals,” suggested the robot.

Grorb:These creatures are semi-intelligent bipeds with long arms that allow them to travel as an ape or monkey as well as running on their two legs. The Grorb has dark blue, rubbery skin and large pale eyes making it an eerie sight. Roughly a meter and a half tall these strange creatures are often used to track targets with their dark vision and acute sense of smell. Unscrupulous merchants and outright slave traders sell these poor creatures for up to 2000 credits in some areas.

AC 15, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6 (claw or bite), ST 17+, MV 7, SPC Acute Senses (Smell), Cling, Dark Vision, Weakness (bright light- -2 to hit, 1 point of damage per turn) XP 55.


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