Peril of the galaxy: Nuffie

Nuffie(200 credits/dose) Outlawed in many areas, nuffie is a strong hallucinogen harvested by the Iron Sun of the Forbidden Circle and sold to intelligent organic lifeforms for a profit. Anyone consuming nuffie will have 10% (+5% per for each additional dose taken) chance of becoming addicted to this powerful intoxicant. The robots of the Iron Sun of the Forbidden Circle revel in setting up the downfall of “organics” by introducing this into their societies and these metal monsters go to great lengths to mask their true identities, often hiring dupes or disguising themselves-to the extent of creating lighter framed specialized robots that, when heavily robed or otherwise disguised can pass for aliens.


Gear: Seeker Round

Seeker round(1000 credits each on the black market) Used by the most ruthless assassins and killers, seeker rounds will lock in on a particular target thanks to nano-robotic technology and pursue the subject around corners and up or down stairs, however if the target closes a door or takes similar evasive action the round will strike whatever is between it and its target. Each round does 2d6 damage and is -2 to evade by the specified target.

Gear: Atmosphere generator

Atmosphere generator (1000 credits, sometimes issued by corporations or governments to explorers) These machines can be carried by the average human and are about as big as a five-gallon bucket. When special chemicals are added an atmosphere generator begins either heating or cooling the air. In time this affects a broader area (and it never hurts to have several of these working in conjunction). Then the atmosphere generator begins seeding the area, terraforming a planet, moon, interior of a derelict spaceship, etc. The mini atmosphere begins as a bubble roughly half a kilometer in diameter and expands from there, with several atmosphere generators working at the same time an entire planet can be covered in a matter of time. It is possible for conflicting areas to arise if different chemical ingredients are used.

Vehicle: Burrower

Burrower(5000 credits) A burrower is an unarmed vehicle capable of carrying up to four people comfortably. While it moves quite slowly (30 kilometers per hour on the surface via tank-like tracks and 10 kmph while tunneling) a burrower can dig deep into the earth and it’s screw-like front can make tunnels through the solid rock. This vehicle has an AC of 16 and 6 hit dice.

Gear: Ghostslayer Round

Ghostslayer Round(500 credits per round on the black market) These bullets seem like something from the superstitious past, but are a reality in a strange universe. Ghostslayer rounds contain an alchemical and religious mixture of ingredients that cause 2d6 damage to incorporeal, ethereal, astral and other supernatural entities. Those using psionics to travel astrally may be struck with this rare and deadly rounds.

Gear: Hover Shield

Hover Shield(800 credits) A hover shield is a device that floats via repulsors, hovering vertically in front of the owner and freeing what would be their shield arm. Adds 2 to the AC of the “wearer”. Most hover shields are made of clear material, others appear like ancient metal shields or have designs painted on them.

Gear: Electric Lasso

Electric Lasso(500 credits) A wrist mounted device that shoots a thin electrified wire that wraps around a target. Wielder is +1 to hit and against the target’s Agility attribute. The victim receives a1d6-2 (minimum 1) points of damage shock and this lasso may be used to guide and control a target. Commonly used by bounty hunters and the military.