Interstellar Bestiary: Purlari


X2413 threw a few odd shaped coins onto the bar and turned his head to regard the bartender. The man shrugged.

If I could smile condescendingly I would,” the robot said.

What is your problem, robot?” the bartender asked.

I believe you are hiding the source of these coins,” answered X2413.

A hulking shadow leaped at the robot from behind, snarling. Before the humanoid crocodile could hit the robot a cold blue beam of energy hit the monster, freezing it in midair. Versk stepped forward, smiling condescendingly.

Oh shut up,” snarled X2413. “We need to get this purlari on our ship so we can turn him in for the bounty!”

Purlari:The purlari are crocodilian humanoids, dedicated to their strange pantheon of dreadful deities, warlike and mostly obnoxious. Standing around two meters tall and one meter wide the bulky purlari are excellent bounty hunters and mercenaries, shrewd and relentless. These strange humanoids enjoy travel and spreading their odd religion around and don’t mind giving religious lectures over a few pints of potent brew. These creatures have acute senses, can swim as well as earth crocodiles if not weighed down, have a nasty bite and a bad temper.

Agility: 3d6-1, Intelligence 3d6, Physique 3d6+1 (18 maximum), Presence 3d6.

AC 16, HD 2d6, THB +2 , ATT 1d6+1 fists/tail or by weapon, ST 17+, MV 7, SPC Acute Senses (smell), Dark Vision, Disease, Optional Movement (swimming), Roll, XP 105.

*Roll 1d6 at character creation. A “1” means that the purlari is a psychic.


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