Gear/Artifact: Fire Lance

Fire Lance (sacred weapon of the Ancient Ones, not for sale) A fire lance is a long, ornate weapon, almost 3.5 meters long. While it does do 2d6 points of damage in melee combat (although it is awkward in very close quarters) this weapon truly shines in ranged combat, shooting a devastating beam of chemical created flame up to 30 meters away which does 4d6 points of damage. The Ancient Ones (q.v.) guard these weapons well and will try to find any that have fallen into the wrong hands.


2 comments on “Gear/Artifact: Fire Lance

  1. Now I’ve got The Sword playing in my head. I just wanted to mention how much I enjoy these posts. Do you have any plans to eventually compile them into a print or pdf collection?

  2. bat says:

    Thanks a bunch for the comment, Jeremy! I started a bit inspired by a WH40K eldar miniature but then I realized the Sword song might get thrown into the mix too. For this blog any compilations are up to John Adams of Brave Halfling and David Bezio, the creator of X-plorers. I really enjoy this little game and how easy it is to incorporate new material into it.

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