Gear/Monster: Builderbot


X2413 observed the trio of aliens as they attempted to surround the confused little robot and shuffle him way. With a flick of his thumb the robot mercenary released the safety on his autocannon. The aliens immediately looked up, realizing that they had been observed.

What exactly are you doing with my builderbot?” X2413 inquired.

None of your…” one of the aliens began and was abruptly cut down by autocannon fire.

Next?” asked X2413.

Hands up, the aliens scurried away before X2413 decided to fire upon them as well.

I need to get a leash for you,” the mercenary said.

Builderbot:These short utility robots differ from many standard types as they possess cutting edge technology. Standing a meter tall, a builderbot is little more than a bipedal robotic laborer with two nanite generators in the palms of its hands. These robots have absolutely no weapons and are non-combat models, so their owners must protect them in a melee situation. Nanite generators will build or fix most any mechanical device in very little time. The exact origin of builderbots is unknown, making these dull-witted robots highly sought after and very expensive in markets. Builderbots sometimes work in unison to cut down the build/repair time on big jobs.

AC 12, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT (0) -, ST 18+, MV 8, SPC Construct or repair any mechanical device. XP 22.


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