Interstellar Bestiary: Nisho


X2413 stood completely still as the strange creature crept by. It seemed to be hunting for its next meal. A nasty mixture of human and crustacean, the robot thought, wondering how different the minds of the two creatures were and chuckling inwardly to himself.

Versk came ambling along and the creature pounced on the mercenary. The human called out to X2413 who suddenly snapped to attention and joined in the fray.

You took your time!” Versk commented after the melee.

Sorry, I was in hibernation mode,” X2413 said as innocently as a lying robot can.

The human just shook his head slowly and began removing the gore from the wretched beast from his adventuring gear.

Nisho:Nisho, or lobstermen, are horrid bipeds from an outer star system. Looking like a two meter tall cross between a lobster and a human, complete with larger pincers, Nisho were apparently once peaceful and mild mannered, but something, some speculate the rogue waves of the star Zoqua-5 hve driven these creatures mad. Most Nisho attack on sight and fight to the death.

AC 17, HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 1d6 (pincers), ST 16+, MV 6, SPC Berserker, Hold Attack, Weakness (must be submerged in water once a day for at least an hour). XP 90.


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