Interstellar Bestiary: Dovinian Daisy

Dovinian Daisy

X2413 smirked internally as the seeds bounced off of his metal frame. Without thinking twice the robot opened fire on the weird plant.

Versk growled in pain.

Did it hit you?” X2413 asked as he reloaded quickly.

No, I just like howling at random!” snarled the mercenary.

I figured as much, it is hard to tell with you humans,” the robot said dryly.

Versk could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but he did know that the seeds from that plant hurt.

Dovinian Daisy:These absolutely bizarre creatures are mobile plants that crawl using dozens of small roots. Weird faces peer from the flowers of these beings and their odd stocks allow them to manipulate simple items. While fairly intelligent, Dovinian Daisies prefer to use their natural weapons over technology. Especially eerie is their immunity to energy weapons and their ability to creep into small spaces. These creatures main attack is by launching hardened seeds at their foes. And mopping up the blood with their roots.

AC 13, HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 2d6 (launched seeds), ST 16+, MV 5, SPC Immunity (Energy weapons), Optional Movement (can move over most any terrain and can fit into small openings- as small as 15cm in diameter), Poison, level 2 (in seeds), Regeneration (d6), Surprise Attack (when amongst foliage). XP 210.


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