Gear: Atmosphere generator

Atmosphere generator (1000 credits, sometimes issued by corporations or governments to explorers) These machines can be carried by the average human and are about as big as a five-gallon bucket. When special chemicals are added an atmosphere generator begins either heating or cooling the air. In time this affects a broader area (and it never hurts to have several of these working in conjunction). Then the atmosphere generator begins seeding the area, terraforming a planet, moon, interior of a derelict spaceship, etc. The mini atmosphere begins as a bubble roughly half a kilometer in diameter and expands from there, with several atmosphere generators working at the same time an entire planet can be covered in a matter of time. It is possible for conflicting areas to arise if different chemical ingredients are used.


2 comments on “Gear: Atmosphere generator

  1. brutorz bill says:

    Are you going to compile these into a pdf or some such at some point?

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