Interstellar bestiary: Noklian Mammoth

Noklian Mammoth

Is this the best you could do?” X2413 inquired.

This so bad?” Bruk the nargu asked. He looked a bit irritated at the robot.

We will manage,” X2413 replied.

My clan lives to train these beasts for others to use. It is a privilege to ride such a wondrous creature,” Bruk asserted.

Yes, I realize that,” the robot said. “I just want to get to the outpost before I rust.”

Would you two stop bickering, I am trying to sleep over here!” Versk the mercenary called out from the back of another of the plodding beasts.

Noklian Mammoth:Hearty beasts first domesticated by the nargu on their harsh planet of Brokno-Vak, these wooly titans look like a cross between a mastodon and an irritated wild boar. While slower than many modern vehicles the Noklian Mammoth can carry a lot of weight on its back. Nargu Mammoth-Masters often build strange shelters on the shoulders and backs of these creatures for extended journeys in unfavorable climates.

AC 16 HD 4d6, THB +4 , ATT 2d6 (gore or bite), ST 15+, MV 12, SPC Acute senses (smell), Dark Vision, Gore, Stupidity XP 280.


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