Interstellar bestiary: Harasser Bug

Harasser Bug

The strange clicking sound was beginning to bother the mercenaries.

What is that?” Versk whispered.

X2413 adjust his volume.

It is organic, those clicks are not made by a machine,” replied the robot.

Well that hel…” the human began as he peeked around a corner.

Versk cursed loudly.

Yes?” inquired X2413.

Bugs, big ones. And what’s worse.. they are eating our bounty!”Versk answered with a growl.

X2413 emitted an angry sound and flipped the safety off of his autocannon, the robot strolled around the corner and opened fire on the giant insects.

Harasser Bug:Usually found when one least wants to, a Harasser Bug is a giant insect, similar to a centipede, but with large slicing jaws and two whip-like appendages near its tail that it can use to attack its prey. These scavenging omnivores are often encountered singly but groups of up to 24 (4d6) have been reported. With a hard shell and many legs that provide fast locomotion the harasser bug is not what you want to find on an expedition.

AC 15, HD 4d6, THB +4, ATT 2d6 jaws or tail-whip, ST 15+, MV 12, SPC Acute Senses (touch-vibration), Berserker, Cling, Stupidity. XP 380.


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