Interstellar Bestiary: Glass People

Glass People

Something is on the ship besides the crew,” Versk whispered to X2413.

The robot’s eyes changed colors as it shifted from one light spectrum to another.

A vague shadow is all I see from time to time. Are we haunted?” X2413 asked.

The door suddenly came off of a nearby control panel and wires began to snap. X2413 swung the butt of his autocannon at the wraith and hit something solid that hissed. The robot emitted a happy chirp.

We can kill it,” the machine chirped and kept swinging.

Glass People:The first explorers on Daltus-IV thought the planet devoid of intelligent life for their first few visits, seeing only a dead civilization on the surface they figure that the people must have perished ages ago. This was not the case however. As an expedition found a portal to a deep vault they were suddenly attacked by a nearly invisible foe. The Glass People of Daltus-IV are hard to see and highly xenophobic, attacking any other intelligent life without mercy. Whether this is because they were the civilization that lived above previously or the invaders is uncertain.

AC 16, HD 2d6, THB +2 ATT 21d6 (fist) or by weapon, ST 17+, MV 8, SPC Hard to Hit (a successful Intelligence roll at -2 is required to locate one of these creatures out of combat), Immunity (lasers), Regeneration (1d3), Surprise Attack. XP 9


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