Interstellar Bestiary: Aquatonians


Versk looked at the smoking shoulder of his jacket. One of his favorite (if not technically earned) patches was burned off.

Those little fish guys are good shots!” the mercenary whispered to X2413.

Across the hall of the derelict space cruiser a trio of aquatonians were snickering to themselves/

There’s more of that to come if we don’t negotiate!” blubbed one of the creatures in its specially designed and water-filled spacesuit.

X2413 looked around the corner and another shot rang out.

Ok, ok, we will negotiate!” the robot yelled to the fish-people as he internally frowned-a tiny antennae had been shot off by the aquatonians.

Aquatonians:Hailing from the watery planet Aquatonia, these weird fish-people adventure out into the galaxy looking for adventure and strange objects to bring back to their people. Standing a little over meter tall aquatonians look like bipedal fish, ranging in type from goldfish to trout to beta fish. Aquatonians wear special suits that contain enough water to keep these creatures hydrated, with special filters to keep the water clean and oxygenated. An aquatonian can breathe air as a human for thirty minutes and no more before the creature begins to die. A good number of these creatures are psychic and they have extremely good vision.

Agility: 3d6, Intelligence 3d6, Physique 3d6-1, Presence 3d6.

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d6 fists or by weapon, ST 16+, MV 7, SPC Acute Senses (vision-+1 to ranged attacks), Optional Movement (swims 2x faster than it walks), Regeneration (1d3) Weakness (must be in aquatic environment- dies if out of water more than 30 minutes), XP 30.

*Roll 1d6 at character creation. A 1-2 means that the aquatonian is a psychic.


2 comments on “Interstellar Bestiary: Aquatonians

  1. Needles says:

    I believe that something fishy is going on with this race! Very nice!

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