Interstellar bestiary: Splog


Versk glanced over at X2413. The robot was kneeling amongst a bunch of short creatures and giving them advice. Making a strange hooting sound when the robot was done, the creatures shuffled away enthusiastically.

What was all that about?” the human asked.

They wanted some pointers on a war they were preparing against a rival faction,” the robot replied.

And you helped them?”

Why not? Look at the poor wretches! The fewer of them around the galaxy the better.”

Versk shrugged.

Splog:The Splogs are odd creatures, resembling a hairless mix between an anteater and a sloth that stand a little over a meter tall. These odd bipeds are slow and lope along as best as they can. While they look harmless splogs are very tactically minded, in fact war is a preoccupation that occupies their entire existence. It is rumored that their homeworld was accidentally bombarded thousands of years ago with gear meant for a major conflict that the splogs concluded were a gift from the gods. They then immediately began warring between themselves and will sometimes approach other planets and split into two or more factions and begin warring amongst themselves, often ignoring other races around them.

Agility: 2d6, Intelligence 3d6, Physique 3d6, Presence 2d6.

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d3 fists or by weapon, ST 18+, MV 6, SPC Regeneration 91d6), Relentless (splogs rarely retreat and love pushing battles and wars), XP 29.


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