Encounters: Astral Wolves

Astral Wolves

Versk looked over at X2413 and scowled.

It irritates me when you do that because you know I cannot,” said the robot.

Well too bad. It irritates me when you fire that autocannon at every bounty we have before finding out what sort of backing they have. We are in serious trouble,” replied the human.

I am confident that we can fire our way out of this,” X2413 said.

There are now over a dozen Astral Wolves hunting us down in this small town and we…” started Versk, but the robot raised a finger and click the safety off of his autocannon. The robot raised the weapon up and fired a half a dozen shots instantly.

Now there is one less to contend with,” X2413 stated as they both heard a body thud to the ground.

Versk shook his head and flipped the safety mechanisms off his laser pistols with a thumb on each hand. More Astral Wolves would be coming soon.

What started out as a band of desperate mercenaries and thugs has, over time, grown into a virtual army of space pirates and smugglers known as the Astral Wolves. Threats and intimidation are the rule of the day as these villains run countless cons and scams on dozens of worlds at a time. The mysterious leaders of the Astral Wolves have few rules, but enforce them without hesitation. The main rules being that: 1) An Astral Wolf may never betray another Astral Wolf and expect no retaliation. 2) Betrayed Astral Wolves may call upon others to mete out swift and merciless justice and 3) Focus on fleecing those in power and only steal or con the downtrodden if no other recourse is available.

In the game: The Astral Wolves commonly travel to an area in “packs” of up to twenty members, setting up various cons and smuggling operations immediately. Each Astral Wolf has a specialty and will back up fellow ‘Wolves in any number of ways.


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