Gear: Electro Halo

Electro Halo (must be earned-or stolen) Considered to be the greatest honor bestowed upon or by many deep space marine veterans (besides sacred weapons and armor), the electro halo is a metallic laurel that rests on the brow and is considered always activated (it uses a tiny amount of a living person’s bio-electricity to power itself). An electro halo allows the wearer to re-roll any failed rolls twice per day and grants +2 to Presence while worn.


Gear: Plague Sword

Plague Sword (1000 credits) Considered a magical device among superstitious societies, a Plague Sword is actually a simple biological weapon-a sword with tiny needle-like points that run along the tip of the blade. Anyone struck by this blade takes 1d6 points of damage and must make a Physique save at -1 to avoid catching any of a dozen nasty and sometimes deadly diseases. Some swear that praying to elder gods of disease and plague will make the sword more potent and deadly, but this has never been proven.

Gear: Electric Eye

Electric Eye (1000 credits) Recreated from ancient technology, an electric eye is a wonder to those who have been blinded. About the size of a tangerine, an electric eye is placed on the forehead and connects directly to the brain when activated, sinking into the skull and resting against the frontal lobe. Modified electric eyes can see into other spectra and even, it is rumored, into other planes of existence. Some people with normal vision have one implanted for this reason and sometimes become seers or prophets to obscure faiths.

Gear: Laser Bow

Laser Bow (400 credits) Laser bows range in design from ancient looking wooden limbed bows to the latest in hi-tech duro-plastic. The bowstring appears to be missing from this weapon, but the savvy archer knows that a small but activates this bow, which will fire up to forty energy arrows up to 250 meters with accurately (+1 to hit) on a single charge. Sometimes overlooked by those who only think of guns, laser bows command a variety of prices in different locales.  

Gear: Disk Gun

Disk Gun (600 credits) These weapons fire sharp disks up to 100 meters with deadly accuracy (200 meters for the rifle version) and deal 2d6 damage (2d6+2 for the rifle). Thought to originally be created by the Ancient Ones, these nearly silent weapons are quite deadly (granting a +2 to hit) although finding ammunition is sometimes a challenge in out of the way places. Disks come in clips of 50 and can sell for as much as 200 credits per clip where these weapons are rare if they are even available.

Gear: Phase grenade

Phase Grenade (500 credits) A phase grenade, when activated and thrown will cause all who fail a Physique save to become “out of phase” for four rounds, but no physical harm is dealt. Those out of phase appear ghostly and cannot affect the physical world in any way during this time. After the four rounds expire those affected “pop back” into the current space-time continuum and may go about their business as usual.

Gear: Drop Pod

Drop Pod (2500 credits, installed) Often found on galactic battleships and heavy freighters, a drop pod is a small orbital spaceship that has a limited amount of fuel (usually just enough to get to the nearest planet or space station) but holds a lot of food and water in addition to other survival gear. A typical drop pod can carry eight to ten comfortably with two weeks worth of rations. Once a drop pod lands on a surface it can extend mechanical legs, digging them into the ground of possible for stability in harsh climates.