Interstellar bestiary: Splog


Versk glanced over at X2413. The robot was kneeling amongst a bunch of short creatures and giving them advice. Making a strange hooting sound when the robot was done, the creatures shuffled away enthusiastically.

What was all that about?” the human asked.

They wanted some pointers on a war they were preparing against a rival faction,” the robot replied.

And you helped them?”

Why not? Look at the poor wretches! The fewer of them around the galaxy the better.”

Versk shrugged.

Splog:The Splogs are odd creatures, resembling a hairless mix between an anteater and a sloth that stand a little over a meter tall. These odd bipeds are slow and lope along as best as they can. While they look harmless splogs are very tactically minded, in fact war is a preoccupation that occupies their entire existence. It is rumored that their homeworld was accidentally bombarded thousands of years ago with gear meant for a major conflict that the splogs concluded were a gift from the gods. They then immediately began warring between themselves and will sometimes approach other planets and split into two or more factions and begin warring amongst themselves, often ignoring other races around them.

Agility: 2d6, Intelligence 3d6, Physique 3d6, Presence 2d6.

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d3 fists or by weapon, ST 18+, MV 6, SPC Regeneration 91d6), Relentless (splogs rarely retreat and love pushing battles and wars), XP 29.


Interstellar Bestiary: Aquatonians


Versk looked at the smoking shoulder of his jacket. One of his favorite (if not technically earned) patches was burned off.

Those little fish guys are good shots!” the mercenary whispered to X2413.

Across the hall of the derelict space cruiser a trio of aquatonians were snickering to themselves/

There’s more of that to come if we don’t negotiate!” blubbed one of the creatures in its specially designed and water-filled spacesuit.

X2413 looked around the corner and another shot rang out.

Ok, ok, we will negotiate!” the robot yelled to the fish-people as he internally frowned-a tiny antennae had been shot off by the aquatonians.

Aquatonians:Hailing from the watery planet Aquatonia, these weird fish-people adventure out into the galaxy looking for adventure and strange objects to bring back to their people. Standing a little over meter tall aquatonians look like bipedal fish, ranging in type from goldfish to trout to beta fish. Aquatonians wear special suits that contain enough water to keep these creatures hydrated, with special filters to keep the water clean and oxygenated. An aquatonian can breathe air as a human for thirty minutes and no more before the creature begins to die. A good number of these creatures are psychic and they have extremely good vision.

Agility: 3d6, Intelligence 3d6, Physique 3d6-1, Presence 3d6.

AC 13, HD 1d6, THB +1 , ATT 1d6 fists or by weapon, ST 16+, MV 7, SPC Acute Senses (vision-+1 to ranged attacks), Optional Movement (swims 2x faster than it walks), Regeneration (1d3) Weakness (must be in aquatic environment- dies if out of water more than 30 minutes), XP 30.

*Roll 1d6 at character creation. A 1-2 means that the aquatonian is a psychic.

Interstellar Bestiary: Glass People

Glass People

Something is on the ship besides the crew,” Versk whispered to X2413.

The robot’s eyes changed colors as it shifted from one light spectrum to another.

A vague shadow is all I see from time to time. Are we haunted?” X2413 asked.

The door suddenly came off of a nearby control panel and wires began to snap. X2413 swung the butt of his autocannon at the wraith and hit something solid that hissed. The robot emitted a happy chirp.

We can kill it,” the machine chirped and kept swinging.

Glass People:The first explorers on Daltus-IV thought the planet devoid of intelligent life for their first few visits, seeing only a dead civilization on the surface they figure that the people must have perished ages ago. This was not the case however. As an expedition found a portal to a deep vault they were suddenly attacked by a nearly invisible foe. The Glass People of Daltus-IV are hard to see and highly xenophobic, attacking any other intelligent life without mercy. Whether this is because they were the civilization that lived above previously or the invaders is uncertain.

AC 16, HD 2d6, THB +2 ATT 21d6 (fist) or by weapon, ST 17+, MV 8, SPC Hard to Hit (a successful Intelligence roll at -2 is required to locate one of these creatures out of combat), Immunity (lasers), Regeneration (1d3), Surprise Attack. XP 9

Interstellar bestiary: Harasser Bug

Harasser Bug

The strange clicking sound was beginning to bother the mercenaries.

What is that?” Versk whispered.

X2413 adjust his volume.

It is organic, those clicks are not made by a machine,” replied the robot.

Well that hel…” the human began as he peeked around a corner.

Versk cursed loudly.

Yes?” inquired X2413.

Bugs, big ones. And what’s worse.. they are eating our bounty!”Versk answered with a growl.

X2413 emitted an angry sound and flipped the safety off of his autocannon, the robot strolled around the corner and opened fire on the giant insects.

Harasser Bug:Usually found when one least wants to, a Harasser Bug is a giant insect, similar to a centipede, but with large slicing jaws and two whip-like appendages near its tail that it can use to attack its prey. These scavenging omnivores are often encountered singly but groups of up to 24 (4d6) have been reported. With a hard shell and many legs that provide fast locomotion the harasser bug is not what you want to find on an expedition.

AC 15, HD 4d6, THB +4, ATT 2d6 jaws or tail-whip, ST 15+, MV 12, SPC Acute Senses (touch-vibration), Berserker, Cling, Stupidity. XP 380.

Interstellar bestiary: Noklian Mammoth

Noklian Mammoth

Is this the best you could do?” X2413 inquired.

This so bad?” Bruk the nargu asked. He looked a bit irritated at the robot.

We will manage,” X2413 replied.

My clan lives to train these beasts for others to use. It is a privilege to ride such a wondrous creature,” Bruk asserted.

Yes, I realize that,” the robot said. “I just want to get to the outpost before I rust.”

Would you two stop bickering, I am trying to sleep over here!” Versk the mercenary called out from the back of another of the plodding beasts.

Noklian Mammoth:Hearty beasts first domesticated by the nargu on their harsh planet of Brokno-Vak, these wooly titans look like a cross between a mastodon and an irritated wild boar. While slower than many modern vehicles the Noklian Mammoth can carry a lot of weight on its back. Nargu Mammoth-Masters often build strange shelters on the shoulders and backs of these creatures for extended journeys in unfavorable climates.

AC 16 HD 4d6, THB +4 , ATT 2d6 (gore or bite), ST 15+, MV 12, SPC Acute senses (smell), Dark Vision, Gore, Stupidity XP 280.

Interstellar Bestiary: Dovinian Daisy

Dovinian Daisy

X2413 smirked internally as the seeds bounced off of his metal frame. Without thinking twice the robot opened fire on the weird plant.

Versk growled in pain.

Did it hit you?” X2413 asked as he reloaded quickly.

No, I just like howling at random!” snarled the mercenary.

I figured as much, it is hard to tell with you humans,” the robot said dryly.

Versk could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but he did know that the seeds from that plant hurt.

Dovinian Daisy:These absolutely bizarre creatures are mobile plants that crawl using dozens of small roots. Weird faces peer from the flowers of these beings and their odd stocks allow them to manipulate simple items. While fairly intelligent, Dovinian Daisies prefer to use their natural weapons over technology. Especially eerie is their immunity to energy weapons and their ability to creep into small spaces. These creatures main attack is by launching hardened seeds at their foes. And mopping up the blood with their roots.

AC 13, HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 2d6 (launched seeds), ST 16+, MV 5, SPC Immunity (Energy weapons), Optional Movement (can move over most any terrain and can fit into small openings- as small as 15cm in diameter), Poison, level 2 (in seeds), Regeneration (d6), Surprise Attack (when amongst foliage). XP 210.

Interstellar Bestiary: Nisho


X2413 stood completely still as the strange creature crept by. It seemed to be hunting for its next meal. A nasty mixture of human and crustacean, the robot thought, wondering how different the minds of the two creatures were and chuckling inwardly to himself.

Versk came ambling along and the creature pounced on the mercenary. The human called out to X2413 who suddenly snapped to attention and joined in the fray.

You took your time!” Versk commented after the melee.

Sorry, I was in hibernation mode,” X2413 said as innocently as a lying robot can.

The human just shook his head slowly and began removing the gore from the wretched beast from his adventuring gear.

Nisho:Nisho, or lobstermen, are horrid bipeds from an outer star system. Looking like a two meter tall cross between a lobster and a human, complete with larger pincers, Nisho were apparently once peaceful and mild mannered, but something, some speculate the rogue waves of the star Zoqua-5 hve driven these creatures mad. Most Nisho attack on sight and fight to the death.

AC 17, HD 3d6, THB +3 , ATT 1d6 (pincers), ST 16+, MV 6, SPC Berserker, Hold Attack, Weakness (must be submerged in water once a day for at least an hour). XP 90.