Gear: Star Guide

Star Guide(250 credits) Star Guides are small, hand-held projectors that create a holographic image of the nearby stars and planets, used by explorers either to navigate from where they are on a planet or a ship, or to judge distances in travel negotiations or other such dealings. This device can also ‘pan out’ to reveal the constellations, planets and other heavenly bodies of nearby galaxies as well, this helps judge distances for long trips. It is not uncommon to see pirates and smugglers with these as they try to navigate safe routes through dangerous territories.


Gear: Dumbspray

Dumbspray(500 credits for a small can of this spray-on the black market) Obtained on the black market in small, hand-held canisters, Dumbspray can be sprayed up to 2 meters away and creates an area one meter in diameter that will cause all within this zone to make an Int save or lose 1d6 points of Intelligence for one day. This only works on intelligent organic creatures and not on artificial intelligences of any time.

Vehicles: Imperial Doomwalker

Imperial Doomwalker (250,000 CR-on the black market): This heavily armored walker stands roughly 20 meters tall and has four jointed legs. Armed with two heavy laser cannons (3d6 damage), a laser turret (1d6 damage) and a trunk-like wrecking ball (3d6 melee damage within 3 meters of the front of the walker) this devastating piece of machinery is key to the Universal Empire’s tactics of hitting hard on the ground. Capable of carrying twenty armed troops in addition to the operating crew, a Doomwalker is a frightening sight on the battlefield. [AC 16, 6d6 HD to disable, walks up to 30 Km per hour on most solid surfaces and has an energy cell powered engine]

Gear: Flying Disc

Flying disc: Flying discs are small personal vehicles that can carry one person easily and two in a pinch. Simply a hovering “disc” (these actually are designed in many shapes and sizes although the anti-gravity technology used forces these devices to be fairly small to be able to travel with any speed at all) that skims up to 4 meters off of the ground and flies up to 60 km per hour. Most flying discs can take 2d6 points of damage before breaking and some (for an additional 300 credits) have a light shield that provides +1 to the AC of the operator. These vehicles are capable of hovering and flying in reverse as well (the controls are operated by the driver’s feet). Attempting tricky maneuvers on a flying disc requires an Agility roll to keep from falling off.(600 CR)