Gear: Drop Pod

Drop Pod (2500 credits, installed) Often found on galactic battleships and heavy freighters, a drop pod is a small orbital spaceship that has a limited amount of fuel (usually just enough to get to the nearest planet or space station) but holds a lot of food and water in addition to other survival gear. A typical drop pod can carry eight to ten comfortably with two weeks worth of rations. Once a drop pod lands on a surface it can extend mechanical legs, digging them into the ground of possible for stability in harsh climates.


Vehicle: Burrower

Burrower(5000 credits) A burrower is an unarmed vehicle capable of carrying up to four people comfortably. While it moves quite slowly (30 kilometers per hour on the surface via tank-like tracks and 10 kmph while tunneling) a burrower can dig deep into the earth and it’s screw-like front can make tunnels through the solid rock. This vehicle has an AC of 16 and 6 hit dice.

Gear: Mammoth Transport Tank

Mammoth Transport Tank (85,000 CR): Usually only available to limited military orders, Mammoth Transport Tanks are armored personnel carriers that can carry ten infantrymen or five heavily armored warriors. Two heavy laser cannons (3d6 damage) and two laser turrets (1d6 damage) provide cover for those embarking or disembarking from this craft. [AC 17, 6d6 HD to disable, travels up to 50 Km per hour on most solid surfaces and has an energy cell powered engine]