Gear: Drop Pod

Drop Pod (2500 credits, installed) Often found on galactic battleships and heavy freighters, a drop pod is a small orbital spaceship that has a limited amount of fuel (usually just enough to get to the nearest planet or space station) but holds a lot of food and water in addition to other survival gear. A typical drop pod can carry eight to ten comfortably with two weeks worth of rations. Once a drop pod lands on a surface it can extend mechanical legs, digging them into the ground of possible for stability in harsh climates.


Gear: Stun darts

Stun darts (300 credits each) Small and easily concealed, stun darts are tiny weapons that are generally non-lethal. These can be thrown with accuracy up to 4 meters and will prick the skin of anything with human-like skin or less protection. A Physique test is required, those failing this test are stunned for three rounds. Unscrupulous types replace the stunning chemical with a more lethal poison. These tiny darts are favored by assassins that cannot or prefer not to use guns.

[Gear] Vox recorder

Vox Recorder (200 credits) An essential part of the smart scholar or technician’s field gear is the Vox Recorder. This simple device records speech and transfers these words into a journal format that can be printed out at a later time. Great for hands-free writing during an investigation or while exploring dangerous planets when it is wiser to be carrying a raygun over a stylus. This handheld device also has different settings, including one that will only record the voice(s) it is programmed to and filter out all others or a setting which will allow for limited transmissions of this information to other similar devices.

[New Encounter] Apocaliptans


X2413 turned his head quizzically as he tried to decipher the scrawled message.

Does it make sense?” asked Versk.

Only if it was written by a lunatic,” replied the robot. “My programming in languages may not be perfect, but this writing seems to be some sort of drivel about killing off the people of this planet within five years,”

This is a big planet, how are they going to do it?” inquired the human mercenary.

Apparently by crashing a large spacecraft into an unpopulated area and going from there,” X2413 said.

Versk sighed, a gesture that always perplexed the robot because it could mean many things.


Well, we aren’t heroes, but really, we cannot let this happen, either. So much destruction at the hands of a group of lunatics?”

X2413 clicked his fingers together, the machine’s equivalent to snapping them.

We need to get a bounty on these madmen, then we can collect on it and still be the scoundrels that we are!”

I knew I brought you along for a reason,” Versk said with a smile.

Harboring in the end of the universe is goal of the Apocaliptans. This strange sect are the grand saboteurs of progress and determined to cause all societies to collapse, bringing about the end of all life. While not necessarily religious in origin, these individuals stick together like a cult, using secret languages and hidden symbols to communicate between cells. At times large groups of Apocaliptans congregate, usually to destroy a large spaceship or attack a planet.

In the game: Apocaliptans are dedicated to destruction and can be anyone, anytime, anywhere. Explorers can find one of these deranged among their own, as the one who rebels at the wrong time, putting everyone in the group in danger. Apocaliptans consider self-sacrifice to the cause to be the most noble contribution to the End of All Things, as long as there is massive destruction to justify the act.

Gear: Click Boots

Click Boots (500 credits a pair) Popular with construction workers, explorers and those working in space, click boots are special footwear that allows the wear to stick to any magnetic surface and walk or run normally. Quite valuable to a variety of people, this is sometimes the first thing stolen from a corpse, even over a weapon. Popular with those wanting to make a fast getaway. 

Gear: Tripper Pen

Tripper pen (1500 credits on the black market) Used often in espionage a tripper pen can carry five charges. Each charge is enough to cause a victim pricked by this device to make a Physique save or hallucinate for 1d6 hours. During this time the affected person is fairly helpless, being -2 on all rolls and unable to concentrate or stay on task as he or she (or it) is constantly staring at the warping world around them. Larger than human subjects may require two or more jabs with this device for the charge to take effect. Used for recreational purposes in some areas. 

Gear: Acclimatizer

Acclimatizer (1000 credits) The acclimatizer is another small device, this one quite legal. When used in a strange environment the bearer slowly begins to get used to their surroundings (eyes adjust to seeing in the dark on the dark side of a moon, able to move better in zero gravity, become used to colder or hotter climates without discomfort). It takes two days to adjust to the new surroundings, however one often becomes so used to being adjusted that the loss or theft of an acclimatizer can cause severe panic and sometimes paranoia.